Aligning Succession Plans to Future Business Strategy



In this article from our Spring 2021 Review, we look at the importance of succession planning models, and how the events of the last 12 months have made having a diverse leadership pool and succession plan a top priority.

Succession Planning: The Importance of Strong Succession Plans Aligned to Future Business Strategy.

Few companies have been successful in forging a resilient and inclusive succession plan. Most puzzling is how the field of succession planning has resisted change. Join us as we explore why this might be and why succession plans are important, now and into the future.

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  • Diversity & Inclusion in the USA.
  • Is Tech Talent Truly Sector Agnostic? 
  • The Front Line: HR’s Role in the Recovery of the Workplace.

What’s included in the article?

In this article from the Spring 2021 Armstrong Craven Review, our experts take a look at the importance of strong succession plans are aligned to future business strategy.  

The article covers key issues such as: 

  • Post-Covid impact and succession planning
  • How the key requirements for future leaders have expanded
  • The biggest threats to the successful transition from one generation to the next
  • Having a diverse leadership talent pool, and a robust succession plan is now critical.

Research by Deloitte shows “real market frustration with succession planning efforts. While 86% of leaders believe leadership succession planning is an ‘urgent’ or ‘important’ priority, only 14% believe they do it well.”

Join our expert, Kate St John Perry, as we take a look at why and how organisations must consider their culture and employee needs to determine how to best ensure transparency around succession plans.

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