The Challenge of Scaling Talent



Scaling talent is a crucial aspect for every talent strategy. As part of the Armstrong Craven Review Vol. 7, this article looks at the pharmaceutical industry’s experience of scaling talent during a global pandemic.

The Challenge Of Scaling Talent - Lessons Learned From The Pharmaceutical Industry Through A Global Pandemic.

The validation of the mRNA platform as a potent vaccine technology has the potential to transform the way we treat a host of diseases ranging from infectious diseases to cancer. Pharmaceutical companies are looking to capitalise on the mRNA platform by hiring experts and building out research teams. 

The challenge with scaling up research in mRNA technology is that it is a relatively new technology, and there is a tiny pool of talent of expertise. As a result, there is now intense competition for these experts as well funded pharmaceutical firms seek to bring them on board to develop new mRNA drugs.

The Article Covers Key Issues Such As:

  • What can we do about the talent bottleneck?
  • What acquisition lessons can we learn from the Pharmaceutical Industry’s rapid development
  • Why you need to introduce a comprehensive workforce plan modelled around potential risks and opportunities

The success of the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines is likely to attract young and developing talent; however, it will be a few years until this cohort of future-ready talent is available. 

Therefore, firms must also think about how to engage and court the up-and-coming talent that will be ready in a few years. A proactive approach to talent is required as firms that invest in identifying, developing and engaging with future-ready talent will gain a competitive advantage when it is time to bring them on board. 

“You can't just switch over from producing vaccines instead of aspirin or cough syrup. The process requires years of expertise and the appropriate structural and technological equipment”. 
BioNTech’s CEO, Uğur Şahin

Firms who will have the competitive advantage to win this talent war are those that are able to get insights into the talent landscape and firms who best engage the upcoming pipeline of mRNA experts. 

The key to scaling talent is in preparation. Detailed talent-insight will give your organisation the tools to confidently implement talent investment decisions.

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