The Continued Evolution of Hybrid Working



As part of the Armstrong Craven Review Vol. 8, we explore some critical questions and talking points around the future of work and the hybrid workplace, notably providing a conclusion to the question: Is the employee rule book being rewritten? And by whom?

Is the employee rule book being rewritten? And by whom?

Now that working from home and flexible working has become the new norm, we shine a light on how these unprecedented times have affected key stakeholders - The Employee / The Team / The Business / Their Customers / Clients, and the broader talent market.

The article covers the key points such as:

  • How likely is it that flexible working practices will be unwound?
  • The impact on businesses and the wider talent market
  • Where are we now, and what’s next? 

Undoubtedly, hybrid working has made it challenging to get employees to work together to plan, create, innovate and strategise. 

According to a recent LinkedIn poll, 44% of people out of 10,000+ votes believe that sole remote working will not be an inhibitor to their career progression. Therefore, regardless of how successful their company culture was pre-pandemic, businesses must shift away from the "let's get back to the way things were" mindset.

HR teams are under immense pressure and are being relied upon to deliver answers to the wider business on areas as varied as developing new policies, employee burnout, DE&I and how 'The Great Resignation' has given talent a newfound voice as they seek the 'Dream Life' as opposed to the 'Dream Job'. 

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