The Critical Role of Talent Acquisition in Succession Planning



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Prior to 2020, all too often, succession planning and talent pipelining discussions were held at VP/HR /TD level and our communication with Talent Acquisition was focused on hiring for open vacancies. More recently critical roles which have become vacant unexpectedly due to increased attrition, coupled with the desire for the new skills, is causing unplanned-for gaps in succession plans. 

Especially post-pandemic, organisations seek to acquire new leaders with high EQ, who are compassionate, and empathetic. They also need skills such as managing in a crisis, leading in a hybrid environment and being digitally enabled. For some, it becomes quickly apparent that these skills are not necessarily prevalent in their organisations, where traditionally most appointments were made on basis of technical expertise. The outcome of all of this, is TA needing to play a more strategic and proactive role in succession planning.

What's covered?

  • How to accelerate senior rotations to broaden leadership skills without leaving holes elsewhere
  • How to turn the dial on DEI in leadership, including Diversity of Thought
  • Why Succession Planning has often been a linear and vertical process, leaving little room for new types of skills
  • How TA/HR and Succession Planning are aligned
  • To what extent are organisations willing to look at external talent to complement internal succession plans?
  • How can TA increase its influence on Succession Planning?

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