The Employee Value Proposition: Where to Next?



The Covid-19 pandemic caused significant changes throughout the global workforce. It caused employees to assess and reevaluate their careers and the organisations they work for. This article from Vol. 9 of the Armstrong Craven Review explores how companies have had to adjust, redefine, and ‘future-proof’ their EVP to attract and retain staff in the post-pandemic world.

As lockdowns and restrictions were enforced during the Covid-19 pandemic, employees started to assess their relationships with work and their employers. As a result, to help retain current employees or fill talent gaps, businesses have had to take an increased interest in their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and how to make it attractive.. 

At Armstrong Craven, we have a significant amount of experience with EVPs. A lot of our work involves discussing EVP and supporting businesses to ‘future-proof’ their organisation and remain attractive in the talent market. We have found that businesses are particularly interested in insights into the following: 

  • Employee preferences on hybrid and flexible working.
  • Perceived company values and culture.
  • Reasons behind employee exits.
  • What close competitors offer as their EVP. 

We help businesses assess and make any necessary adjustments to evolve their EVP in line with societal and workforce changes. A mindset that considers the future needs of its people helps an organisation stay attractive and ahead of the competition. 

The article covers the following topics:

  • Effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Employee Value Proposition.
  • Changes in the components of EVP to adapt to the new world. 
  • The future of EVP.
  • Strategies to future-proof your business. 

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At Armstrong Craven, we offer expertise in providing bespoke EVP talent-insights for businesses, which can give you an advantage in the talent market and over your closest competitors. With over 30 years of experience, we have developed a vast network of clients in industries including technology, consumer, industrial, financial services, healthcare, and life sciences. In addition, we offer consulting services, including Competitor Talent Benchmarking, DE&I Benchmarking, and Compensation and Benefits Surveys, which help us support and advise on effective and tailored EVP.