The Front Line: HR's Role in the Recovery of the Workplace



In this article from our Spring 2021 Review, we take a look at how HR leaders can equip themselves and answer critical questions in a period of endless transition.

How will HR shape the post-pandemic world of work?

In a period of endless transformation, what is fair? What do our people want? How do we continue to grow? We take a deeper look into remote working, and how a work-from-home policy has evolved from an employee benefit to an expectation for much of the workforce worldwide. How can HR professionals best equip themselves for the immediate future, and how to best answer questions which are more critical than ever.

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What's included in this article?

In this article from the Spring 2021 Armstrong Craven Review, our experts take a look at how psychometrics have been supporting diversity in the talent acquisition process and how it can continue to benefit talent teams.

The article covers key issues such as;

  • How the appetite for returning to the office is more frequently split by function.
  • How do HR leaders avoid creating a "them and us" culture?
  • What about localisation?

Armstrong Craven has found that up to half of workers who could feasibly work remotely might not want to. For HR leaders, the pressure is on to enable remote working. To recognise the impact on front-line workers and meet the needs of those who would rather return to the office safely.

HR leaders need to consider the shape of the new workplace, and how they will meet the varied needs of global workforces.

Our expert, Bev Doe, takes a deeper look into HR’s role in remote working and how data can help HR leaders to meet challenges and demands in a period of continuous transformation.

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