The Power of Strong Leadership in Times of Uncertainty



Times of crisis and uncertainty call for strong and effective leadership. Leaders must develop and continuously adapt strategies that guide themselves and their teams through difficult situations. This article from Vol. 9 of the Armstrong Craven Review discusses how creating a culture of learning, inclusivity, recognition, and teamwork as part of this strategy can successfully guide a business through challenging times.

From Covid-19 to Brexit to the War in Ukraine, the unprecedented events of recent years have created a whole host of challenges for businesses and made leadership strategies and tactics even more complex. In addition, the ever-changing political and social landscape means that leaders must learn to adapt their business leadership styles quickly and effectively to guide their workforce through these uncertain times.  

To be influential in times of crisis, leaders must learn to be empathetic, decisive, agile, and lead by example. They must be self-reflective, always looking for personal development, and, importantly, check in on their own mental health. When we look across not just business, but sports and politics, it is during difficult times that real leaders emerge. Organisations must understand the leadership capabilities and soft skills within their leadership teams and have a development and succession plan in place.

To provide you with an insight into leadership in times of crisis, we discuss these key points in the article:

  • The complexity and challenge of leading in a post-pandemic world, dealing with a cost-of-living crisis. 
  • Key strategies and learnings for navigating a team in times of crisis. 
  • The development of yourself as a leader while remembering to check in on your mental health.
  • The importance of sharing experiences and facing challenges as a team. 

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