The Surging Demand for Recruiters



As part of the Armstrong Craven Review Vol. 7, our experts analyse the main driving force behind the current demand for Recruiters is the post-pandemic recovery and hiring boom.

The Surging Demand for Recruiters:

What is driving it and where do we go from here?

Recruiter perception is changing, and Covid-19 is driving the evolution.

This rapid recovery has led to a curious situation which for many recruiters is a first: they are now the ones on the receiving end of headhunter calls.

The demand for recruiters became increasingly apparent in a post that recently gathered significant traction online, the global head of talent acquisition at a celebrated Australian scaleup noted that there were more open roles on LinkedIn for Recruiters worldwide than there were for Software Engineers.

“A lot of companies have been caught out by how quickly things have recovered and we are all in a mad grab to get people onboard” Jamie Allan, Head of HR at Armstrong Craven.

Health crisis or not, the demand for recruiters is expected to remain high on the priority list for the foreseeable future. The role of the recruiter itself is changing, and as it continues to evolve towards that of a trusted advisor, the need for experienced talent acquisition partners should remain high even during periods of slower hiring.

What’s Included In The Article?

In this article from the Armstrong Craven Review Volume 7, our experts take a look at the surging demand for recruiters - what this will mean and what this will look like after the effects of the global pandemic.

The article covers key issues such as: 

  • The post-pandemic rebound
  • The evolving world of work
  • The evolving role of the recruiter
  • Tech as an enabler, not as a replacer for recruitment consultants.

The post-pandemic recovery may be accelerating certain workplace trends, but the role of the recruiter was already undergoing its own evolution long before “lockdown” became an everyday word.

Tomorrow's recruiter will be expected to work with senior leaders to co-create, implement, and evolve a company’s talent and hiring strategy. The role of the recruiter is shifting from being predominantly procedural and administrative to one that is becoming increasingly strategic and influential. 

Hybrid work, employee wellbeing, workplace inclusion, sustainability, work-life balance, career growth and skills development are the factors that inform the conversations recruiters are having. It’s no longer enough for a recruiter to sell a role and a salary; they must now play a pivotal role, selling the company’s culture, vision and purpose as well.

Join Andy Ryan, Client Partner at Armstrong Craven, as he examines each angle surrounding the surging demand for recruiters. What is driving it? What are the long term and short term effects of this demand on business development? Andy draws on his own conversations and experiences to give a detailed and insightful view. Download the full report today.