Unconscious Bias



As part of our Spring 2020 Review, we discuss unconscious bias and the effect it can have on the entire talent acquisition process.

Unconscious Bias

What’s included in this article?

In this article from the Spring Armstrong Craven Review, our expert Shahid Malik takes a look at the different types of unconscious bias and what businesses can do to remove this from their recruitment processes.

In this article, Shahid takes an insightful look at:

  • Common types of unconscious bias
  • Representation in the corporate pipeline
  • How companies can improve results of diversity programmes
From the 11 million bits of information received each moment, we can consciously handle merely 40, which means we inadvertently form opinions before we’re even aware.
Our brains inherently make very quick judgements without any conscious thought based on certain experiences, societal or cultural preconceptions, and our personality. Neuroscientists have proven that this bias begins to form early in childhood, demonstrated by “The Doll Experiment”.

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