Using Psychometrics to Support Diversity



As part of our Summer 2020 Review, we discuss psychometric tests and how they can be used, as part of your talent acquisition strategy, to support diversity.

What’s included in the article?

In this article from the Summer 2020 Armstrong Craven Review, our experts take a look at how psychometrics have been supporting diversity in the talent acquisition process and how it can continue to benefit talent teams.  

The article covers key issues such as: 

  • How psychometrics support diversity during the selection process 
  • How interview bias affects diversity in hiring 
  • How businesses can decide which psychometric test is right for them 

Our expert, Mamadou Balajo, has taken an in-depth look into the benefits of psychometric testing to discover the benefits it can bring to a business. Alongside this, the article explores the different types of tests to ensure you can pick the right one for your needs.

Psychometrics are often used in selection processes to reduce human bias and provide an objective, standardised prediction of a candidate’s performance in the role. They assess a wide range of abilities, personality traits, attitudes, values and behaviour. 

“In fact, 75% of The Times Best Companies to Work For and 80% of Fortune 500 firms use psychometric tests.”  
Jacobs, 2018  

They allow practitioners to quantify traits and competencies that are relevant for a job role, supplementing existing knowledge about educational attainment and work experience. 

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