Why Corporate Culture is Vital to Talent Management



Taken from our July 2019 Review, we discuss why corporate culture is vital to talent management and employee retention.

Why Corporate Culture is Vital to Talent Management 

What’s included in this article?

In this article from the Armstrong Craven Review, July 2019, our expert Nobumi Kobayash takes a look at the different types of unconscious bias and what businesses can do to remove this from their recruitment processes.

In this article, Nobumi takes an insightful look at:

  • Nurturing a unique culture
  • Measures to improve employee retention
  • Our own case study on corporate culture
Understanding the needs of the employees and trying to ensure that these needs are met is paramount in nurturing a good corporate culture.
A good corporate culture is widely considered to be central to attracting and retaining good talent. 

Despite this, there is no agreement over what corporate culture entails, principally because it varies from organisation to organisation.

The renowned Cultural Studies theorist, Raymond Williams, describes culture as “a whole way of life”. But what are the good corporate culture practices that contribute towards effective talent management, particularly talent retention? 

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