Building a Truly Diverse Senior Leadership Team

Catch up on all the action from our DE&I Webinar.

Companies often apply a diversity lens to an inherently anti-diverse list of requirements, in an effort to try and increase diversity in their organisations. This webinar will look at how this "similar but different" approach is damaging diversity and what business leaders should be doing better.

Too many companies still think of diversity as the search for a candidate who apart from gender or ethnicity, otherwise fits the mould of how they have hired previously. It's time to turn the dial from “how can we find more diverse candidates that meet our usual criteria” to “which of our criteria is prohibiting diversity?”.

Join this webinar to hear from our expert panel on the crucial elements in any diversity planning strategy, including lessons learnt and success stories.

What’s discussed

  • Enabling DE&I goals to be reached without compromising the quality of leadership talent
  • How to use external labour market data to build a representative leadership team for the future
  • Using data to assess leadership roles to find the most representative talent pool
    …and much more!

Guest Speakers