Workshop: Leveraging Talent Intelligence To Gain Competitive Advantage In Talent Acquisition

Watch our recent Talent Intelligence Workshop as part of the HRD - HR leaders summit Singapore, discussing talent Intelligence and competitive advantage in talent acquisition.

Our Asia Pacific Vice President, Helen Coult hosted a workshop with Agnes Goh, VP Talent Acquisition for SAPMENA at L’Oreal for the HRD Magazine's HR Leaders Summit in Singapore on the 10th of June 2021.

During the workshop, Helen and Agnes discussed leveraging Talent Intelligence to gain a competitive advantage in talent acquisition with insight on the  Covid-19 pandemic and how it has disrupted the talent landscape immeasurably.

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the talent landscape immeasurably. Companies have adapted to changes in customer behaviour and their leaders now need to manage new business models, rapid digital transformation and remote teams. Leadership development and hiring new talent to transform the organisation is a key priority. However, local talent pools are under pressure from competitors hiring remote workers, governments restricting foreign worker visas and the shifting career-seeking behaviours of candidates. Traditional hiring strategies are no longer as effective. 

Topics discussed:

  • The impacts of the Pandemic on sectors with a focus on digital transformation
  • Leveraging talent intelligence for competitive advantage
  • Hiring restrictions on foreign talent
  • The disruption of traditional talent pools
  • Understanding market data
  • The future of TA

…and much more!


For more insight, Download our Talent Intelligence report