Managing the balance between organizational and individual expectations

In partnership with The People Space, Ali Rogerson and Peter Howarth discuss managing the expectations of new and existing talent during the hiring process and in the workplace.

Talent and HR professionals are facing new challenges around candidate expectations during the hiring process, with many businesses adapting their process to be a more personalised experience. Armstrong Craven's Ali Rogerson and Peter Howarth discussed the importance of this new approach with Sain Harrington, Co-founder and Editorial Director and The People Space. 

What's covered?

  • The change in expectations during the hiring process
  • Does the acquisition of talent need to be a more personalised experience? 
  • How can businesses appeal to and engage more with candidates? 
  • How does a more personalised experience during the hiring process affect existing talent?
  • How can Armstrong Craven help talent and HR professionals manage the balance between organizational and individual expectations?