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Armstrong Craven Review Vol.10


In the 10th edition of the Armstrong Craven review, we explore how businesses are adapting to a world where geopolitical tensions and climate change are changing how we live, work, and do business. The review also examines why ESG is a growing issue for HR strategy and organisational design. We investigate the true cost of failed Executive Search. We explore the evolution of Talent Intelligence. Finally, we break from the norm with an inspiring personal story from one of our incredible team. 

What’s Inside Volume 10 of the Armstrong Craven Review? 

Events such as the global pandemic, the War in Ukraine, and the ongoing climate emergency have caused geopolitical tensions to run higher than ever and have changed how we live, work, and do business. With the theme of businesses adapting to this changing world, Armstrong Craven’s specialists have provided fascinating insights into critical subjects of our time. We explore:

  • Unravelling the True Cost of Failed Executive Search 

  • The Evolution of Talent Intelligence

  • ESG is a Burning Issue for HR Strategy and Organisational Design

At Armstrong Craven, we see first-hand the challenges that businesses are facing in this unpredictable and, at times, harsh new world. As part of their talent strategies, businesses are increasingly focusing on ESG, sustainability, and digital transformation, with particular focuses on AI and machine learning to not only give them a competitive edge but also make their contribution to a greener future for our planet. Importantly, in this new world, businesses need strong leadership more than ever to guide them through challenges and periods of change.

We also have a break from tradition from our previous Armstrong Craven reviews and have included an incredibly inspiring personal story of perseverance and hope in the face of adversity from one of our amazing team. There is so much we can all learn as individuals, leaders, and businesses from tales of human resilience and agility when overcoming unprecedented hardships.  

Due to our in-depth and tailored research across talent acquisition and HR, we can provide fascinating insights into the most up-to-date and crucial trends and issues that are gripping the talent landscape. Our previous Armstrong Craven reviews have covered crucial topics such as women and menopause in the workplace, confronting imposter syndrome and learning how to succeed, and strategic vs. operation tensions in talent planning. You can explore all our previous editions on our AC Review hub

Our insightful articles have been composed through our substantial experience, discussions, and research with global Talent Aquisition and HR networks spanning diverse sectors such as finance, consumer, healthcare, technology, life sciences, and professional services. 

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