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The Healthcare industry faces big challenges, many leading countries are looking to their healthcare systems with great focus. From changes in payer models, to limited budgets, access to healthcare changes, increased technology platforms, personalised medicines and diagnostics.

Industry Challenges

For healthcare businesses to rise to the challenges and meet the increased demand, a well-prepared workforce is essential. Many of our healthcare clients face digitisation, demographic shifts, talent shortages and most recently increased number of burnouts. Recent statistics show how unevenly health workers are distributed across the world, which means firms relying on local talent pools may need to revisit their talent acquisition strategy.

Our Experience

Talent research specialists in the healthcare sector.

From establishing new talent pools and supporting business growth to identifying leadership teams who can help the company meet new customer demands, our insights will give your talent acquisition strategy an unparalleled advantage.

The Armstrong Craven team are experts in talent research and are always ready to support companies as they grow with the industry.

Over 55% of WHO Member States report to have less than 40 nursing and midwifery personnel per 10,000 population and about 23% report to have less than 10.

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