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One of the primary challenges facing the Digital Media industry today is the increased scrutiny and compliance regarding data privacy and increasing distrust between consumers and the media. 

Industry Challenges

This is disrupting many media companies whose revenues are ad-dependant, by making it more difficult for brands who rely on 3rd party data to target online audiences.

This has changed the digital landscape by increasing the reliance on gathering, processing and leveraging First-Party Data in a transparent and compliant manner. This has put a greater emphasis on different skill-sets and has changed the workforce capability required by future-focused Digital Media companies.

There is a significant skills gap in the digital sector, with organisational demand often far greater than the existing staff proficiency or capability. Due to digital skills becoming redundant so quickly as new technologies constantly replace legacy approaches and systems, there’s a constant need to balance the upskilling of existing staff with the need to recruit for these externally. Furthermore, top talent in the market is more attracted to an employer if they can demonstrate that they invest in the learning and development of their staff.


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Over half of digitally talented employees say they are willing to move to another organization if they feel their digital skills are stagnating at their current employer. And 58% are likely to gravitate towards organisations that offer better digital skill development.

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