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There has been much change in the gaming sector in recent years as it’s shifted from release dates and one-off purchase pricing, to subscription models (gaming as a service) and in-game purchasing.

Industry Challenges

However, one thing that remains constant is the competition among developers to acquire and retain the attention of the consumer. This constant pressure on gaming companies to stand out from the crowd, put tremendous pressure on developers and with the constant threat of competition for talent, it’s inevitable that high levels of staff burnout and turnover are going to be a problem.

In an industry where competition is fierce and talent is in short supply, there’s often a tendency for consolidation, whereby the larger players can help to address both of these issues, while also driving up revenues and valuations. It is therefore critical that in order to attract gaming developers, brands must invest in their employer brand and talent attraction strategies if they’re to continue to recruit talent organically.


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A 2019 study by EY revealed that companies face escalating personnel costs, with more than half of respondents saying a shortage of development and technical talent will accelerate over the next five years.

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