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The biggest challenge for the software industry is finding sufficient talent to execute their development roadmap. Talent is globally dispersed and competition is often fierce within the main hubs, making it difficult to attract and retain top talent.

Industry Challenges

The trend in software continues to be AI, however, the investment in this space currently doesn’t match the impact in the market, so companies will continue to explore commercial opportunities and applications of the technology. The rapid rate of innovation is creating new challenges in respect to cybersecurity, skills gaps and regulatory requirements.

Assessing talent effectively including competency and capability testing during the recruitment process is critical to ensuring that they have the skills needed, prior to making an offer. In a highly competitive recruitment market, having a point of difference that helps you stand out is going to stand you in good stead. Having a strong employer brand, interesting projects and a culture based on trust and freedom will only enhance your ability to attract and retain the best talent.


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Talent research specialists in the software sector.

From establishing new talent pools and supporting business growth to identifying leadership teams who can help the company meet new customer demands, our insights will give your talent acquisition strategy an unparalleled advantage. 


The Armstrong Craven team are experts in talent research and are always ready to support companies as they grow with the industry.

The projected need for developers will increase 21% by 2028. With developers having the highest turnover rate of any sector at 13.2%, it’s critical for businesses know how to attract and retain these employees.

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