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Intelligent Board Room

At Armstrong Craven we are always looking for new ways to help organisations solve their most critical talent issues. Whilst building robust external succession talent pipelines to mitigate Leadership Risk, we are often asked to calibrate their internal leadership bench strength. This is why we have partnered with IntelligentBoardRoom (IBR) and are delighted to be their exclusive partner.


What is it?

IntelligentBoardRoom (IBR) is a full enterprise platform that supports leaders to understand if their team can execute corporate strategy. IBR does not follow the standard HR conventions but instead combines the team's capabilities with the complexity of the strategy that the team has to deliver. This way IBR helps leaders to think and act forward on people.

Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow

Decision makers like the overview first and details later. This is exactly what IBR had in mind when designing the Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow process. First flush out the key risks before discussing the details.

For the one minute leader who can act on a glance, IBR has a one-page scroll dashboard that creates the overview of the total team for ease of review. One glance, and you know the team you are dealing with.

Strategic Complexity

Understand team capabilities against the complexity of the strategy the team has to deliver. Discover the stretch of the team and how the team will cope with a more challenging environment.

IBR has set up 5 boxes that allows the user to define the complexity of the strategy. It is key when making decisions about people that we set the correct benchmark. Only based on a benchmark for achievement can we make the right decisions.


When Should You Use IBR?

IBR is well suited for those companies that understand the direct link between leadership quality and strategy execution. The IBR model allows a leader to make People Forward Decisions.


How IBR Can Support Your Talent Strategy

IBR provides a complete overview of your leadership team and their capabilities in line with your business strategy. By regularly monitoring the team's strengths and weaknesses, you can create targeted development plans, identify potential succession candidates and develop leadership pipelines, which will help mitigate talent risks and ensure that your leadership team stays ahead of the competition.

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