Leadership Assessment

Change is inevitable. Success depends on how you react to change which in turn is determined by how well you planned for the future.

We help business leaders develop and implement strategies for effective leadership assessment. 

Leadership and succession is consistently ranked among the top issues on the c-suite agenda. But often, when evaluating leadership, assessments focus on the candidate in isolation and not relative to the total talent market. 

Leadership Assessment

Understanding what a good leadership team looks like is vital for benchmarking your current leaders and planning for the future. 

We provide data and primary insights to help ensure that when you make a leadership appointment, you recruit the best possible candidate available - improving your market competitiveness and working towards your corporate diversity targets.

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By ensuring organisations have a complete view of any cohort of talent, including its diversity, we can ensure representation is appropriately considered.

We help corporations reshape, restructure and redesign their leadership assessment providing market insights and benchmarking, not tests. 

We’re passionate about our work, helping you create a robust leadership assessment process and ensuring you build a better leadership team either now or in the future.

Assessing Leadership on more than just tests

Traditional leadership assessment centres focus on ‘testing’ candidates by using psychometrics and personality tests. Whilst these are an essential part of leadership assessment, they do not address three key points that we think are important:

  • Total Talent Landscape. Where do the identified candidates sit in relation to the total talent population for the role?
  • Competitor Benchmarking. How does your leadership team and structure compare to your competitors?
  • Diversity. Understanding the overall diversity of your leadership team and highlighting whether a particular appointment improves representation. What impact does this have on business diversity efforts?

It is important to assess leadership in relation to the entire market to gain a competitive advantage.

How We Work

Leadership evaluation helps hiring managers to identify gaps in their talent pools
Our leadership evaluations help you establish who is prepared to take on senior positions when vacancies arise internally and if you should be looking at external talent. 

Ensure the continuity of successful leadership
Successful succession plans balance both the data-driven and people-centric elements of the process. HR leaders need to critically appraise their organisation’s strategic direction, conduct detailed competitor and sector analysis, and identify what skills will be required for the future leadership team.

Our approach is simple yet successful. We provide data and primary insights so that your hiring managers can be confident that they are recruiting the best possible candidate.

Benchmark your Leadership Team

At Armstrong Craven we are always looking for new ways to help organisations solve their most critical talent issues.

We are often asked to calibrate their internal leadership bench strength while building robust external succession talent pipelines to mitigate Leadership Risk. This is why we have partnered with IntelligentBoardRoom (IBR) and are delighted to be their exclusive partner.

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