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Leadership Risk Diagnostic Tool


How to use our Leadership Risk Diagnostic Tool

We have created a free diagnostic tool designed to analyze the leaders within your business and enable you to mitigate the risk of them leaving. Simply add your leadership team below to generate your free, confidential report.

Leadership Risk Diagnostic Tool

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Risk Factors

Role Criticality

How significant is the business impact of having this role vacant?

Very Low




Very High

Talent Scarcity

How hard is this role to fill?

Very Easy




Very Difficult

Exit Risk

What is the biggest risk of exit for this individual?


Leadership Team Risk Report


High risk roles


High risk roles without a successor ready


High likelihood of exit


High role criticality


Very hard to fill role

Current vs Future Leadership

Current Team

Successor Team





Female %



Disability %


Priority for Risk Mitigation

Role Risk Score
{{member.memberSeniority}}, {{member.memberFunction}}, {{member.memberRemit}} {{member.riskLevel}}

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