Compensation & Benefits Surveys Talent Service

Keeping your compensation package and benefits competitive.

We provide you with the latest salary and benefit information for specific roles, giving detailed information on market requirements and most importantly, your competitors.

Why only granular Compensation & Benefits data matters.

Everyone knows that if you don’t have your compensation & benefits packages in line, your TA team may start having offers rejected and you aren’t able to hire talent in the volume you need. Worse still, you fall behind and start losing talent to your competitors.

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Traditionally, compensation and benefits decisions are made based on generic data gathered by third parties, which can become out of date very quickly and often doesn’t provide the level of detail needed for specific roles. Our experts conduct tailored research specific to your roles. This research gives your talent acquisition team a detailed understanding of what salaries and benefits are being offered and provide the evidence to ensure you align your compensation and benefits packages to attract the best talent. 

Armstrong Craven can produce robust data about very specific roles, specific locations, and we can find out what candidates really want from a benefits package

Why conduct a tailored Compensation & Benefits Survey?

  • Compensation and benefits packages can move quickly, especially for in-demand roles.
  • Our research includes interviewing the talent you want to hire to understand not only their salary expectations but also what benefits are important to them and why.
  • We can obtain current salary and benefits data on your competitors, including what they are paying for specific roles, or for job families as needed.

How We Work

Our team of highly experienced and professional consultants and researchers will build a bespoke benchmarking programme.
We gather, sift, and evaluate intelligence from the public domain while collecting opinions and perceptions from online sources and databases. We then add the third dimension of personal market insight from those involved in the market.

This allows us to accurately assess the salary and benefit structures and trends in each market to find relevant information which helps you understand where you currently rank against your competitors. We then compare and interpret the resulting intelligence to provide your business with unique and unparalleled insights.

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