Global Talent Pool Analysis

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

We provide a detailed picture of if and where relevant talent exists, helping you hire effectively and maximise business success.

Talent Pool Analysis is key to hiring strategies.

Talent availability & skills analysis are critical to success when hiring in-demand scarce skills, especially in large volumes. Talent acquisition teams are under pressure to hire, but maintain a low cost per hire whilst increasing diversity. Our research can help organisations identify viable locations where they can hire talent to achieve their goals.

Our research-led insights, provide real-time data on:

  • Talent Availability
  • Hiring Costs
  • Compensation & Benefits Levels
  • Competitor Hiring Activity
  • Brand Perception and Awareness of your Company 
  • Knowledge of Local Colleges and Universities for Hiring Entry-level Talent

Talk to our Talent Analytics team about Location Insight or high-level Talent Scan projects to identify key locations of talent worldwide - giving your talent acquisition team knowledge about where to start focusing their efforts to find the talent your business needs. 

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The benefits of Global Talent Pool Analysis

  • A clear awareness of talent pools wherever they exist in the world.
  • An opportunity to gain knowledge about potential talent.
    We take the time to talk to candidates and build relationships in your specific spheres of interest.
  • Delivers valuable information, unique to your recruitment needs.
    The final research report allows you to take action to refine your hiring strategy
  • Confidence from a deeper understanding.
    Compared to simple data analysis, Global Skills & Talent Availability Analysis allows you to make decisions based on bespoke and detailed talent research.

How We Work

We're experts in data-led research.

At Armstrong Craven, we have a dedicated Insight & Talent Analytics team that conducts research projects to provide talent insight and intelligence. Our research pinpoints talent pool locations to guide TA thinking around where to start looking for talent. We understand that competing with industry giants both in and outside of your sector to hire talented candidates can be difficult, so our research can also inform you about the motivations and aspirations of talent. We’re here to help you get ahead of the trend and compete effectively for in-demand talent.

Contemplating the best way to invest in the future talent of your business? As a research-led provider, we have various insights available through our whitepapers and resources.

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