Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Don’t make DE&I an initiative. Make it an embedded practice in your organisation.

Struggling to provide meaningful evidence and insights to enforce real change? Looking for research-led data to help you understand the motivations of diverse talent? Need a practical solution?

How We Help

We help our clients understand, identify, engage, hire and retain diverse talent pools. Where diverse candidates are in short supply and high demand, our first-principle diversity focused research will confirm that all the target talent has been identified, and we report on the statistics of the landscape to help you better understand it.

Through our insight capabilities, we help our clients to understand the root cause of underrepresentation, reporting on motivations, barriers and behaviours of specific groups.

We’ll help you nurture and protect your reputation amongst target talent pools, helping you to see how they perceive your employer brand, in order that you can attract and retain diverse talent and gain a competitive edge.

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Why Choose Armstrong Craven To Improve Your Diversity Equity and Inclusion Metrics?

Discrimination Aware
Decisions to engage and screen diverse candidates are made with the legitimate aim of correcting a lack of underrepresentation to support business performance. All individuals are held to the same standards of qualification for inclusion, based on role or job family criteria.

Over 15 Years Experience In This Field
Over 75% of our 2020 assignments had a diversity element. We have been including DE&I as part of every project as a standard part of our service offering for over 15 years.

GDPR compliant
We are a specialist diversity partner to many global clients, always adhering to industry standards.

Our approach to Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Through our research-based approach, we help our clients find pools of talent, for now and the future, against single or multiple vacancies, that will capitalize on both inherent (ethnicity, nationality, gender) and acquired (cultural fluency, sector experience, global experience) elements of diversity.

We directly engage with key people in your markets, helping you gain insight into what your competitors are doing from a diversity perspective. As a result of this intelligence, your teams have a better understanding of ‘best practice’, allowing you to always stay one step ahead.

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