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Giving you the insights to build a stronger employer brand.

With the rise of social media and the ‘always on’ culture, employer brand has rapidly moved from being an abstract concept discussed in marketing agencies and boardrooms, to being an essential part of the toolkit companies need to attract talent.

Employer Brand Analysis

In moments, every misstep can be shared, every success shouted from the rooftops and those that are lucky (or unlucky) can even have their company messaging go viral.

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These phenomena are no longer restricted to those businesses interacting with consumers. With social platforms like LinkedIn and Glassdoor, employees and job seekers are now behaving more and more like consumers.

How your brand and status as an employer is perceived can vary significantly by location and amongst different groups of talent.  Our Insight & Talent Analytics team can help you understand how attractive your company is as an employer in every market and location where you do business, and amongst specific cohorts of talent, including underrepresented groups.

How we help

Employer brand analysis is one of the most, and increasingly important, tools in talent professionals’ armoury. Understanding the external perception of your brand is critical to allow you to implement programmes to improve it. 

Our detailed employer brand research is one way we can help companies attract the best talent. At Armstrong Craven, our partnership extends past employer brand analysis into helping you secure the leadership, niche and scarce talent that can ensure future success through our specialist service lines.

How Talent Insights Support Employer Brand Analysis

From new start-ups to established businesses, every business has a brand identity. Understanding how this is perceived by your teams, clients and the talent you are trying to attract is an essential part of growing your business. 

Through talent research, we can discover where your strengths and weaknesses lie - how potential candidates perceive you and your competitors and whether they are even aware of you at all.

Having a strong employer brand is key to being self-aware. Knowing how your company culture is perceived internally as well as externally can allow you to plan your talent strategy more effectively. 

Companies need to avoid bias and ensure their brand is appealing to a diverse range of candidates. 

Alongside understanding how your employer brand is perceived in the market, it is critical to understand talent motivations and barriers. This is key to ensuring your proposition resonates with the talent you seek to attract - and will highlight any areas where your culture is strong or may be lacking in inclusivity.   By using your employer brand and employee value proposition to inform the marketing content you use to attract talent, you have the opportunity to engage more diverse talent, naturally promoting DE&I by highlighting opportunities and your inclusive culture, and reflecting your company values.

Our Insight & Talent Analytics services can show you how your brand’s identity and employer value proposition compare to your direct competitors and global exemplars and how it resonates with different talent cohorts.

Our Approach

At Armstrong Craven, we pride ourselves on our approach, which allows us to work in partnership with you to deliver a detailed analysis of your employer brand.
To do this we assess your brand through a detailed analysis of publicly available data, including social media, publicly available information about your company, news stories etc, and compare these with your competitors, and global exemplars.  Then we overlay this research with deep primary insights gathered directly from the talent you want to attract, to give a complete picture of how your brand is perceived. This analysis will highlight key areas where improvements can be made. This work can be done either as a stand-alone project or as part of a larger project like a location study or building a talent pipeline for future roles.

Our reputation and global reach have allowed us to work with some of the most trusted companies in the world, helping guide them through periods of substantial change. Our projects are defined with reference to your people strategy and are designed to help you develop it. In partnership, we can always ensure you’re creating a competitive advantage through cost-effective brand analysis and assessment of your employer value proposition. 

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