Population Demographics Services

Future-proof your workforce and improve your DE&I Goals.

We provide demographic analysis and location comparisons, tackling the underrepresentation of diverse candidates which your business may be missing.

Diverse companies are 70% more likely to capture new markets than organisations that do not actively recruit and support talent from under-represented groups.

Population Demographics

To improve representation, TA teams need insights on population demographics to get an accurate view of the talent available within their market and to inform talent strategies. We provide our clients with tailored insights on:

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  • Talent populations by detailed mapping of talent cohorts
  • Top employers
  • Concentrations of talent by city, region or country
  • Analysis on levels of representation within a talent cohort

Researching population demographics gives your talent acquisition teams a birds-eye view of how your DE&I strategies can be optimised, as well as providing data on the total available talent market.

Tackling Underrepresentation

Underrepresentation can be a company-wide issue, but it often needs to be evaluated at more granular levels, such as location or function. Population and talent demographic analysis enables TA teams to tackle underrepresentation strategically in specific areas by answering questions such as;

  • Where are the skills we will need in the future?
  • Where are the location hotspots for underrepresented groups, and how can we capitalise on them?
  • How does our representation compare to our competitors?
  • Is there enough talent in our hiring locations to meet our DE&I targets?

Granular insights such as the age or ethnicity of leadership, relative to the wider workforce benchmarked against the general population. 

How We Help

The McKinsey study ‘Why Diversity Matters’ from 2015 and their subsequent follow up papers suggest there is a direct correlation between profitability and a diverse workforce. This data has been challenged, but whether you believe in diversity for business performance or because it is ‘the right thing to do’ creating a more representative workforce is important.


more likely to have above-average profitability, for companies who are top quartile for gender. Source: McKinsey, 2019 * diversity on executive teams.

Data-Driven Diversity in Talent Acquisition

Continuing to target the same profiles in the same competitor companies, where a very low percentage of potential candidates are diverse is unsustainable. With over 15 years experience of helping clients improve representation, we have the tools and know-how to identify and access highly specific data sets at a local, national and global level.

At Armstrong Craven, we analyse and evaluate population demographics, create location comparisons, identify top employers and concentrations of talent, providing detailed talent maps of diverse talent that your Talent Acquisition teams can utilise for their hiring strategies.

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