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The media industry has undergone a significant change in monetising content as consumers and businesses move away selling on a product basis. Currently, there are two prevalent models, the subscription-based approach favoured by US and European markets or ad-supported videos which are dominating the APAC region.

Media & Entertainment Talent Challenges

These changes mean that industry leaders with strong transformation experience, particularly in restructuring operations, changing business models and monetising and making business decisions based on data streams will be in high demand.

The gig economy is going to form even more of a substantial part of the media and entertainment workforce in the future. As the digital world is evolving so quickly, the required skills and experience needed changing just as rapidly. Giving employees enough time to stay up-to-date on the latest, cutting-edge technology is a problem faced by many in the tech sector. In these scenarios, companies often find themselves relying on contractors to provide the required skills for shorter projects.

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Proportion of entertainment and media revenue from Internet advertising will reach 25.6% by 2023.

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