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While Fintech is a fast-moving and dynamic industry, it operates within a complex environment of compliance, regulation and risk. Balancing a culture that fosters creativity and innovation, with one that complies with an everchanging landscape of regulation and security threats, is challenging.

Industry Challenges

Growing Fintechs have a continuous need to hire in demand skills and talent, many of which exist outside of the industry, or within incumbent financial institutions, meaning talent professionals need to be in constant contact with these markets.

The Fintech eco-system is a highly complex and interconnected space, where many industries and companies collaborate in order to create propositions and facilitate service delivery. This creates a complex talent market, which makes it extremely difficult for talent professionals to attract and recruit the volume of talent needed to meet demand.

Our Experience

Talent research specialists in the Fintech sector.

From establishing new talent pools and supporting business growth to identifying leadership teams who can help the company meet new customer demands, our insights will give your talent acquisition strategy an unparalleled advantage.

The Armstrong Craven team are experts in talent research and are always ready to support companies as they grow with the industry.

58% of respondents for the UK Fintech Censes, comissioned by the HM Treasury, identified talent as one of their top three challenges, with coding and software skills both big areas of concern.

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