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Every region on the planet has implemented some form of regulation on emissions and Europe has transformed the industry with unprecedented levels of regulation. Powertrain technology will define success and if automotive organisations do not predict and implement the right changes, governments will.

Industry Challenges

Connectivity and other new technologies have enormous benefits to industry participants, drivers, and society in general, connectivity but new tech is in many ways weakening the value of automotive heritage. Challenger brands were a rarity up until now and typified by Tesla. New entrants are able to take advantage of disruption and new technologies and are likely to become more prevalent increasing the competition for talent.

Technology is transforming automotive from top to bottom, and this will see a shift in the balance between hardware and software as well as the need to adopt new technologies such as electrification and battery technology, connectivity and cybersecurity, and automation. Talent Acquisition teams will need to start to understand the talent, and what motivates that talent, outside of their immediate industry as heritage becomes less important.

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By 2030, the share of electrified vehicles could be as much as 50% of new-vehicle sales.

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