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The construction sector is one of the largest in the world economy with about $10 trillion spent on construction related goods and services each year.

Industry Challenges

Historically some of the biggest challenges across the industry have been:

  • Labour shortages
  • Stagnant productivity levels
  • Technology adoption

The introduction of new construction methods such as Design and Build and Lean Construction and technology have been proven to improve efficiency and productivity.

For companies to identify, engage and retain talent with the required skills and experience to boost productivity and drive forward innovation, there is huge competition across the sector.

Where there are evident skills shortages, it’s important for employers to have a strong EVP to ensure they attract the best possible talent. Strategic projects to help understand how your competitors are engaging and retaining talent, job-seeking habits of specific cohorts of talent or location insight as to where there are skills hotspots are vital to a successful acquisition strategy.

Our Experience

Talent research specialists in the construction industry.

From establishing new talent pools and supporting business growth to identifying leadership teams who can help the company meet new customer demands, our insights will give your talent acquisition strategy an unparalleled advantage. 

The Armstrong Craven team are experts in talent research and are always ready to support companies as they grow with the industry.

Construction-related employment in Great Britain increased by almost 3% in 2018, reaching the highest level on record, with the South East, London and the East of England contributing 41% of total employment in the sector.

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