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The role of computer hardware and devices is to enable us to connect to the applications and processes that make our personal and professional lives easier. 

Industry Challenges

Whilst computer hardware and devices become a more integral and frictionless part of everyday life, this brings its own set of challenges. Modern devices gather huge amounts of data, and yet they’re often one of the most vulnerable components from a security perspective.

This need to invest in security is going to create a rising pressure to recruit talent with hard skills in the Cybersecurity space to mitigate the risk of customer data being compromised. Demand for cybersecurity talent from many sectors already exceeds the availability of talent in the market.

The future of systems and devices is focusing on the interconnectivity of hardware and devices and the Internet-of-things (IoT). Historically devices and computer hardware was built to run proprietary software, but now the priority is on interoperability and connectivity, which requires computer hardware and device manufacturers to develop their products for a complex eco-system that consists of communication, software and IT service providers.


Our Experience

Talent research specialists in the tech systems and devices.

From establishing new talent pools and supporting business growth to identifying leadership teams who can help the company meet new customer demands, our insights will give your talent acquisition strategy an unparalleled advantage. 


The Armstrong Craven team are experts in talent research and are always ready to support companies as they grow with the industry.

According to research from ISC, 18% of cybersecurity professionals not seeking a new job receive calls daily from recruiters. But 85% say they would investigate a potential employer’s security capabilities before taking a job, and the results would affect their decision.

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