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Keep your senior management team at the top of their game.

To keep you ahead of the competition, we make sure that only the highest calibre individuals join your team.  And we make sure that they will enhance that team, not disrupt it.

A company’s senior management team is crucial to its success. To keep yours strong, you need to understand their strengths, weaknesses, where their experience and attitudinal gaps lie and how to provide the best support to ensure they are successful and can keep your business growing.

How we help

Management Due Diligence

Management due diligence can be conducted as part of a corporate transaction or to ensure robust decisions are made when hiring or adding to your leadership team.

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Our service is based on a 360º executive referencing model. We provide a high-level yet specific overview of any executive or management team you’re considering investing in, explaining or confirming any misgivings you may have.

By including named and off-list referencing, we compare the information provided by the named referees with the information we’ve obtained from our own independent sources, providing a fuller picture of an individual’s long-term performance. Our referees have nothing to gain by giving a one-sided account of someone’s performance. They’re also equipped to comment specifically on an individual’s skill in a particular area.

The benefits of Management Due Diligence

  • Ensure you only appoint leaders that can make your business thrive.
  • Gives clarity on the strengths and weaknesses of potential candidates that traditional referencing does not provide. This helps to ensure you’re only bringing the best executives into your senior management team.
  • Even the most exemplary-looking candidate could be the wrong fit for your business, and a bad senior hire can quickly become costly.

How can Management Due Dilligence help you?

By identifying gaps and misalignment, management due diligence allows you to identify areas where your senior management team may require more support or training. It also gives external stakeholders confidence in the robustness of your leadership decision-making.

Whether it’s retirement or moving to a new challenge, employees need replacing. At Armstrong Craven, we help you plan for the future, so when a significant member of your team moves on, you can carry on with minimal disruption.

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Making an acquisition or investment is the riskiest thing most companies can do. When done well it also delivers the highest rewards. Full assessment of the leadership team being acquired is rarely conducted. Those businesses that conduct an assessment have the advantage of understanding how best to support and integrate their new leaders, and as importantly any leadership skills they need to add to ensure the acquired business thrives.

When it comes to building a workforce plan, having the right research is essential.  At Armstrong Craven, our talent intelligence can support you by discovering any gaps which may prevent business growth.

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Our approach to Management Due Diligence

Our global executive referencing service thoroughly informs you about the management candidates you’re looking to bring into your business, helping identify any areas needing attention or support; helping you surpass your growth targets.

At Armstrong Craven, we don’t just stop at credential screenings. In-depth research takes place through referencing to ensure the executive you’re taking a risk on can genuinely help the business.

We don’t stop until we have the complete picture. Our team seek the opinions of peers, past subordinates, and even customers to ensure we have all the information we need.

The result means you can trust our talent pipeline is of the highest standard and filled with talent who meet your unique criteria.

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