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Workforce Planning

How talent research supports strategic workforce planning

Customer expectations are always evolving, and to meet these new demands, businesses need to be able to hire the best talent in the right roles at the correct time. By starting with talent intelligence to inform workforce planning, and achieving those plans with talent mapping and pipelining, we can help you bridge the gap between the present and the future. 

Every company we partner with has one common challenge, and that is being able to identify the skills the business will need, where and when they will be required and how they can acquire them.

Whether it’s steady growth, adapting to a changing market, a sudden influx of business wins, or looking to deliver against a 5-10 year plan, organisations can quickly find themselves having to hire at scale or bring completely new skills into the business. When it comes to building a workforce plan, having the right research is essential. 

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At Armstrong Craven, our talent intelligence can inform workforce decisions based on the market, your competitors, and the available talent. We can help you answer critical talent questions like:

  • What are the skills of the future?
  • Where is this talent located?
  • What will motivate them?
  • How will we attract them?
  • How are our competitors hiring this talent, and how competitive is the market?
  • Is there a strong enough supply from academia and which universities are producing the best graduates?

This talent insight lays the groundwork to the next steps, identifying the talent and creating pipelines filled with candidates ready to join your business when the vacancies arise.

Our Approach

By partnering with your HR team, we give you access to the talent intelligence, insights and trends required to make strategic workforce planning decisions and fully understand the talent landscape of tomorrow.

From gaining a clear picture of candidate motivations and evolving skillsets, we've refined our process to ensure we’re always giving you the advantage to plan for the workforce of tomorrow.

We understand no two projects are ever the same, so we’ve developed a bespoke approach which identifies the needs of your business. From here, we build unique talent acquisition strategies and deliver insights to give your teams everything they need to secure the future of your business.

Our Service Lines

Our Insights & Talent Analytics services help you understand the current and future talent landscape, enabling you to assess the current talent challenges and effectively plan and prepare for the workforce of tomorrow.

Once you understand the skills needed to achieve your business goals, you can make informed decisions. At Armstrong Craven, we support you throughout this process and our partnership extends past strategic workforce planning into talent acquisition with the following service lines:

  • Talent Mapping – We’ll scour relevant talent pools to identify qualified candidates for your talent acquisition team to approach
  • Talent Pipelining – From the initial approach to the interview stage, we’ll screen each candidate and deliver a list of ready-to-hire candidates for current and future requirements
  • Executive Search – Our systematic, research-led approach to executive search allows us to identify and secure the high-level candidates who can guide your business through times of transformation
  • Executive RPO – We provide a fully outsourced process for ensuring leadership hires in your business, allowing you to focus on business priorities without worrying about succession or finding new leaders
  • Candidate Referencing – We verify a candidate’s background and credentials to ensure every hire you make is the right one and to mitigate hiring risks
  • Management Due Diligence – By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of executive candidates, we make sure only the best join your senior team

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